Monday, May 4, 2015

Design Sprint Day 3

So far in our design sprint we have gone through 3 of the 5 phases. We got an understanding of what it is we want to accomplish, we diverged as a group to brainstorm some of our own thoughts and ideas, and than came together as a group and shared our different finding. Through the converging phase, our group saw a lot of similarities in our thought process. We all in different ways conveyed that budgeting money is of importance.

On day 3, we started on phases 4 and 5, prototyping and testing. At this point we had a pretty good idea of what exactly our product wanted to be and look like. We all had agreed on creating an app that will help young teenagers/adults budget their money in a very basic and easy to use way. This app will be called "Budget Buddy". The first step we did on day 3 was creating a story board that described our product. We thought of a common situation that most freshmen or any young adult face daily. We drew a story of someone who is wanting to spend money they don't have and how this simple app could aid them in the process of knowing when and when they shouldn't be spending money. The story board was about 12 slides long and consisted of more detailed pictures than the first time a round. From our final storyboard we were able to work out the finer details of how our app was going to look and function. We drew up a picture of what we thought the home screen of the app should look like. During this process we were able to come up with new ideas for the app. Our "Budget Buddy" budgeting app will allow the user to directly link their bank account to the app for real time information on where you sit financially at a given period of time. This feature we thought was very important because it gives the user a more accurate overview of where their money is being spent and how to save better. Their will be multiple categories on the app that consist of rent, food, books, car payment, phone, gas, entertainment, and miscellaneous. Each category can be weighted different depending on the user and their information that they initially input to the app. Our app offers a fun and easy way for you to keep track of your money and also an effective way to budget your money that wont leave you scratching your head at the end of every month.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Fight of the Century

This past Saturday May the second boxing saw one of this biggest and most anticipated boxing matches of all time in the Welterweight division. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, two of boxings greatest, stepped into the ring Saturday night after five years of back and forth negotiation for making this fight happen. I have followed closely the past couple years as it has been brought up and every time was a disappointment because they two could never agree to each others terms. I started to think that this was more and more of a marketing ploy by Mayweather every time negotiations stopped and the two moved on to fight other people. Mayweather is one of the smartest and most effective marketers when it comes to promoting his up coming fights. He continually breaks pay per view records and has been the highest paid athlete for years now. This is because he promote and sells himself as good as he does actually boxing. He is succesful with marketing himself by getting people to both like him and hate him. That's exactly where he wants to be in the mindset of his fans. Not only will all of his fans continue to buy his fight but also his enemies want to see the undefeated boxer lose therefor doubling his audience. Although both parties are to blame for the fight taking this long to happen but i believe it was more so of the Mayweather side. He is always thinking about ways to maximize pay per view numbers and this was an excellent opportunity to do so. After much anticipation the past 5 years, the two had finally agreed to fight and brought with it millions of new boxing fans that wanted to be apart of history. This fight generated over 400 million dollars and each fighter was written a check of 100 million dollars for their 12 round 36 minute fight. That's $138,000 a second. Ridiculous. This is the reason why i believe Mayweather waited all these years to fight Pacquiao. It is near the end of both fighters careers and what a better way to leave the sport then to fight each other and make a quick 180 million while your at it. Boxing is a dying sport, but with this fight brought in new viewers and a chance for boxing to get back to where it used to be.