Monday, April 6, 2015

JJCB Building

As a class, we took a tour of the new JJCB building that is getting close to completion and will be open for classes for the 2015 fall semester. Fall semester will be my last so i am excited to be able to have a few classes in their before im done. The outside of the building looks very nice with most of the south facing side consisting of glass. The outside landscape is starting to take shape and seems like there will be lots of new trees around the building as well as some over the very large older trees that they were able to build around. When first walking into the building you enter a large common area with a fire place and cool looking staircase in the middle of the room leading up to class rooms and offices with large glass windows. The class rooms have sliding collapsible glass walls that allow each room to fully open up. Having lots of common areas as well as the collapsible walls and glass will allows for more contact with everyone in the building. I think this is a great building for the college of business because it will promote more creativity and cohesiveness within everyone in the building.

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